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Working Mum’s – Does This Happen In Your House?

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More often than not we buy our groceries on a fortnightly basis.  However, the majority of the time the food is gone in a flash.  Why?  Oh yeah, I have 2 boys and a husband who are constantly needing to refuel.

I’ve learned to be pretty pantry savvy but sometimes even that makes no difference.  It’s so hard to keep up with it, and mostly due to finding the time to get to the supermarket between an already busy schedule.

I’m a working mum and life can get crazy.  My hubby leaves at 6.30am each morning for work and I’m on duty from that point forward, organising the kids breakfast and packing lunches and getting them to school on time, and me to work on time.  Once I finish at work, it’s picking kids up from school or sports and then home for the afternoon and evening activities.  As soon as we walk in the door it’s on…..

“I’m hungry” – kids proceed straight to pantry and fridge.  OMG here we go again!

Now I say it’s hard to find the time to go food shopping all the time, of course that’s not true.  I can find time, however most of that “time” I’ve got the kids – do I want to take them to the supermarket all the time…… ummmm, no.  When this does happen it’s a pretty draining experience.  They want everything you don’t want to buy – so draining saying “no” a million times round the isles.  So much easier doing this job solo!

Are you a working mum?  Can you relate to this situation?

I’d love to here your tips and tricks when it comes to this stuff.  Please leave a comment below and share your stories, I’d love to hear them.

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