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“Kalatu Cloud” – Business Game Changer

OMG!!!!!  This groundbreaking internet marketing tool suite contains everything from a robust contact management system to HTML5 video hosting. These are just a small handful of the features and benefits Kalatu Cloud will deliver: Integrated video and audio email… Built-in HTML5 video hosting… Social media campaign automation… Extensive library of email templates… Webinar integration… Autoresponder […]


Are You Hiding In The Herd?

You might be happy to hear that the problems you are facing in your life are not unique to you.  In fact, you might know others that are experiencing the same issues that are causing the stagnation for you. What’s interesting, is that your solution are unique to you.  Although the problems are widespread, each […]


Play to Win!

Have you ever noticed how quickly time flies when you are having fun? When we are “playing” we are enjoying the present moment.  When we are in the present moment we access an energy level not available to us at any other time.  Playing is an important part of our life and the ability to […]


3 Ways You Can Free Yourself

Think about this for a moment……….. YOU BELONG SOMEWHERE YOU FEEL FREE! “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” ~Thucydides So many people I speak to feel stuck in life and are looking to change things in their lives, but they are so trapped by their limiting beliefs they will never find […]


Do You Struggle with finding the time to do what you love? 5 tips for you to find time!

Have you ever heard yourself say ….. “I don’t have time” ?? Hmmmmmm…… Why do we say this so often? Most of the time it’s just out of habit, sometimes we make our kids the excuse, or work, or there is a show on TV you want to watch or you are just tired. Realise […]


The Domino Effect

Have you ever had that day where it starts of bad and then there is a domino effect for the rest of the day? When it rains it pours!  Ever heard that? Some of us get up on the wrong side of bed and then everything goes wrong for the rest of the day, you pretty […]